Sunday School 


It is such a joy to have your children singing, dancing, and playing instruments at the start of worship!  I hope that your family can be part of some special music and worship services that will be coming up.

We are practicing songs for Advent and Christmas Eve. 

Thank you all for making church a part of your family’s life, and let Pat Conner or any member of the Formation Commission, know if there is more we can do to nurture faith for children and families.


Click here to download the Child Youth Church Activity Registration Form - Please fill it out and bring it with you. There will also be forms on hand if you need on Sunday. (If you don't have access to a printer.)


We’re excited to have some new faces, and hope you can join us too!
Pat Connor

Youth leaders (l-r) Patrick McCafferty and Chester Hamrick
Youth leaders (l-r) Patrick McCafferty and Chester Hamrick
Formation Commission


Church School/Music Time (age 4 – 5th grade) also begins at 9:30 in a NEW place – we’ll meet in the Choir Room for music time with Brandon. Then we head into worship until after the children’s sermon. Children are  then invited to go downstairs for story and crafts or remain in worship if they choose.


Parents can grab a cup of coffee off the hospitality cart in the Narthex (just follow the signs).  


Brandon and other adult leaders will bring the children into the sanctuary for our opening worship songs.  Kids will then have the option to stay with their families for worship or go with our teachers for a story and craft.  Kids will be brought back up to the sanctuary at the close of worship.





Middle and High School Youth also gather at 9:15, and have begun reading Jefferson Bethke’s book, “Jesus>Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing Better and Being Good Enough.”  That’s sure to spark some interesting conversation. 


Youth also have outings every month, and will start Magnify the Light in November.


This is YOUR YEAR to shape our program and help our church discover ways to worship for generations to come!


Activities are also being planned for different times throughout the week including movie discussions, youth mission activities and family events.   Do you have an idea for something to learn or do?  Please contact Pat Conner at 657-2705, or Pastor Tiffany (, or come the monthly Formation Commission meeting on the first Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.


We welcome new leadership this year - Chester Hamrick, a parent and member of our church, will be guiding this time, along with other adult leaders who will join him each Sunday. 


Don't know Chester?  See his message to youth below:
Youth vs. Adulthood:

Maybe you don't have to make many "growed up" decisions  You don't pay for the family's bills or have to struggle getting to soccer practice while juggling grocery shopping and meal preparation.  Still, you're probably more responsible for a lot of things that you used to not be.  You may wash your own laundry, or buy your own clothes with money you earn from mowing lawns or babysitting.  You're probably all being asked to do more around the house, like dishes, floors (yuck!) or cleaning the toilet.  Each day you take another step toward owning all the "growed up" responsibilities of a household.  It is in this time that those nagging, annoying chores are designed to teach you a little more about the one day when you will kiss Mom and Dad goodbye.  If you're like me, Mom and Dad didn't really explain that.  It just felt like more and more work.

Hopefully, these Sunday morning gatherings and the additional projects and events we share will build your spiritual life into being spiritually "growed up."  This won't be your typical "Sunday School" experience.  We are going to look at stories like Noah with a "growed up" spirit-mind.  It might be more fun to think of how Noah got to play with all the cute fuzzy animals, or speak of this story in terms of the cruise that God sent Noah on.  But, we will remember that this story was also about waters that were sent to purge the world.  All the while, we are going to point to our Savior, Jesus, who also came to purge the world.  We are going to concentrate on what it means to be in His Love, His grace, His Family, and His plans by being one of His, "growed-ups."

It is a privilege to work for Him to this end.

Since I'm not a familiar face, let me give you a brief answer to the question, "who is this guy?!"  I'm kinda new to our church, but not new to church.  I've had times when I didn't even attend church.  I did, however, grow up in church.  At a young age I fell in Love with Jesus.  Not to sound disrespectful, but it's the love I have for Jesus, more than the love of the church, that brings me back to church Sunday mornings.

At one point or another, my own kids have asked me, "Do I have to go to church today?" Even though my reply sounds like a "Dad" thing to say, I really meant it when I said, "No, you don't have to go to church, you get to go to church."  Of course, I may have asked that same question to my parents on one or more occasions!

I look forward to exploring all of this with you, and sharing more of who I am and who you are in the family of Jesus.



Palm Sunday Singing - So much fun!


Click here to view the video of Palm Sunday and singing!

It’s always a blessing to share this time with our children! Our little ones have been singing, prancing, dancing, tip-toeing, marching, and giggling and otherwise celebrating with their bodies and voices each Sunday.

On PALM SUNDAY, the children led us into worship by “entering Jerusalem” with joy and singing.   







Past Click here for a video of the Bethlehem Marketplace! 

It opened immediately following the worship service (10:00) on December 21st!  The children led us from the worship service to the Marketplace, where we all experienced wonderful sights, sounds and smells.


See the video by clicking here. 


All designed to give everyone the feeling of a Bethlehem Marketplace prior to the birth of Jesus.  



A little Bethlehem background: When Quirinius was governor of Syria, Caesar Augustus ordered a census to be taken throughout the Empire.  Everyone had to travel to his own ancestral hometown to be   accounted for.  So Joseph went from Nazareth up to Bethlehem in Judah, David’s town, for the census.  He went with Mary, his fiancée, who was pregnant.

Journey to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary.  Travel back in time to those dusty streets during the days just before Jesus’ birth.  Experience the sights, tastes and smells of everyday life that surrounded Jesus’ family in Bethlehem.  Sense the excitement and anticipation felt by the  shepherds and everyone who heard their strange and disturbing story of light and music— yes, angels – in the sky.  What did it mean?  And there was that bright, bright star!

Journey to Bethlehem for a Christmas experience this year.  We hope that you’ll come by yourself,  invite a friend or bring the whole family.  Activities will be appropriate for all ages.





Church School Teachers Wanted!


Parents and Friends are encouraged to support our faith formation programs for children and youth.  All adults leaders agree to background checks and our trained on our Child Safety Policy.  Materials and activities are provided and led by our Christian Education Directors,  Just look at the smiles on the faces of our teachers pictured here to see the joy that comes from volunteering in our children's ministries!





Pat Conner
Pat Conner



Sue Miller and friends
Sue Miller and friends


Adele Walters
Adele Walters











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