Presbyterian Women 


We are starting to pot plants for this coming May Plant Sale.

- Plastic pots 5" to 7" in diameter and about 6" to 8" tall.

- Plastic containers that had 4 and 5 pounds of potato salad 
  etc. in them.

- Large margarine, cottage cheese etc. tubs.

- Plastic coffee containers 22 oz. and up.

- Ice Cream pails.

Please phone or text Freida on her cell at (269) 910-1776 ASAP!!



It's TIME to start setting items aside for our annual thrift sale/bake sale, planned for Saturday April 29 in Fellowship Hall (and other areas of the church).


The biggest change this year is the elimination of clothing from our sale. We're aware this will be a sad note for some but the decision was based on changes in our church and community.

Clothing takes a lot of time and space to sort, label, and arrange the large variety of clothes we receive for the sale. We are recommending that any clothing items you may have planned to donate be given instead to the new United Christian Services (UCS) Clothes Closet. UCS is in the process of developing a system to get these items to those most in need, those whether from the loss of a home by weather or fire, the loss of a job, or simply a need for clothing.


Clothing items in gently-used condition with out stains or tears may be donated

CONTACT: Alison Harrop at UCS:  (269) 888-4673, 



Presbyterian Women Bible Study

Each month the Presbyterian Women are studying another woman of the Bible.   We met Ruth and Naomi in January and in February, we visited the story of Esther.  In March, we will be taking a look at Eve.  Won’t you join us on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m., as we learn about the women of Bible.






Needed:  Paperbacks in good condition 

The Presbyterian Women's new project!  The jail needs good reading materials, so we are planning on adding to their library.  Inmates in the county jails often participate in community service and have helped with our church Thrift Sale.  


We have set aside $250 to purchase new paperbacks for the residents to read and hope for you to donate paperbacks.  Just drop them in the box in the Narthex.






Thank you for your donations of goods, time and help to make our annual thrift and plant sales a success.  These are our two major fund raisers each year. 


We are beginning to disperse our earnings.

  • Kendall Welling received a $500 educational scholarship. 
  • $550 was donated to the Lake Michigan Presbyterian Women’s Fund.  This money is used for their mission work throughout our Presbytery. 
  • After learning about the need for books at the jail, we are donating $250 to a fund to purchase them. 
  • $300 has been donated to the Van Buren Health Fair to help purchase supplies
  • $1,000 was donated to Wings of God.

We received $175 for hosting a Parade of Homes house. This 

money was given to our Pastoral local mission fund. 


Thanks to everyone who have helped us this year in some capacity.  Stay tuned to learn more about us and we are doing!                                                                                         Marge McKee


Tea Fundraiser - an annual event!


Kitchen crew! 
Kitchen crew! 

Everyone who attended our annual tea hard a great time Tuesday, October 6th.  Good food, and fellowship were the order of the day.  

Thanks to Sandi Henson, Frieda Duringer and their kitchen crew for a fantastic meal.  





Another “thank you” to Tom Shoemaker, Tom Smith, Frank Walters, Andy Thorburn and Erik Dirks for being our servers.  We were glad to see everyone.









Our speaker








Peg Heinzelman (right) was our guest speaker.  She shared her knowledge of teas and their medicinal purposes.


























Parade of Homes Fundraiser


First Pres was chosen to host a remodeled home at the 2015 Kalamazoo Home Builders Parade of Homes. 

The home we were assigned this year is a remodel by Pennings and Sons.  It is located on Red Arrow Highway, just before Michelle's Restaurant (formerly Stone Ridge).  



Thrift Sale Update!


WOW, what a day and what fun.   Once again we had people lining up an hour before the sale began and by 8:00 AM they were already around the corner and down Pine Street.   And again this year we had the most fantastic collection of treasures for our Thrift Sale Friends to purchase and purchase they did.   Over $3,700 was taken in from the sale which included the Baked Goods, Furniture, and Treasures.

        So once again, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who helped, donated and purchased. We couldn't have done it without YOU, and all you men who once again were there where ever and whenever you were needed, another thank you.


















All monies received from the sale are used for work in our Church.












































Annual Tea and Style Show a Success

Everyone had a great time!

Nearly 80 women came to have high tea with dinner and dessert.















Syles by Christopher Banks and shown by our Presbyterian Women!
Syles by Christopher Banks and shown by our Presbyterian Women!

Ann McGrew did the flowers















Men provided service and escorts for our models




















Presbyterian Women took care of the important details!


























Presbyterian Women's Luncheon


We had a great lunch this fall at Bistro 120 in Paw Paw.  What a nice turnout!


It's important to note that the Presbyterian Women's group is NOT something you "join," it's something that you are. There are so many opportunities to be involved, to come and feel needed, or to have fun. 
Thanks Marge McKee for sending in your photos!


If we haven't seen you in a while - we miss you!














































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