Title:  Childcare Provider, Part-time Sundays

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The Childcare Provider is responsible for helping to lead Church School lessons for Kindergarten through 5th Graders, and may also supervise infants and toddlers in the church nursery.  He/she is to use this position to provide a safe, secure, nurturing, clean, and efficient nursery primarily for our infant and toddler children.  Responsibilities may include playing with the children (or directing their play), reading to them, praying with them, engaging them in lessons and activities, preparing lessons, leading Children’s Moments in worship, and accomplishing all duties with love and patience. 

Qualities and Qualifications:

• Experienced in the care of children, ages newborn to grade school, with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities and characteristics.
• Care for children in a manner consistent with values of a Christian church and in accordance with the church safety policy.
• Relate well to children and parents.
• Organized, loves babies and children, appreciates cleanliness, and understands the needs of young children and new parents
• Have or acquire current CPR and First Aid training (at the church’s expense) at the first available opportunity.
• Willingness to learn how to operate the defibrillator and to be aware of its location.
• Be reliable, dependable and able to maintain regular attendance and avoid unexpected absences

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Participate in required training sessions (child safety, CPR, etc.)
• Help organize the Nursery and classrooms and ensure its cleanliness and safety.
• Care for children in the Nursery during worship and fellowship on Sundays (2 hour minimum, currently 9:15-11:15/11:30), and for additional hours as requested.
• Provide age-appropriate care, including: feeding, changing diapers, holding, sitting with, rocking, and putting children down for naps. 
• Be flexible in providing nursery care or supporting Sunday school or other children’s activities as needed.
• Joyfully interact with children through games, stories, singing, crafts, and play; attend portions of worship with children and model engaged, respectful behaviors. 
• Be polite, friendly, and courteous to all children, parents, volunteers, and visitors.
• Be approachable about questions, comments, and suggestions. 
• Be open to learning how to care for particular or special needs.
• Arrive on time and be ready to receive children when nursery opens.
• Follow policies and procedures for checking in children in writing, taking attendance, and ensuring all participants have child registration forms on file. 
• Straighten the Nursery and classrooms; clean any used toys and beds before leaving.
• Work as part of a team with volunteers, church staff and other teachers.
• Attend Christian Formation meetings upon request.
• Must be able to frequently lift 25-40 lbs., from floor level and frequently stoop and bend.
• Must comply with Michigan’s Child Protection Policy and all church employment and child safety policies (to be provided). 
• Satisfactory completion of a background check and personal reference check. 

Reports to: Pastor/Head of Staff; Children’s Ministry Program Coordinator, and works in cooperation with Formation Commission Members and volunteer teachers; subject to review and evaluation by the Personnel Committee

Compensation: Compensated on an hourly basis for all hours worked.

Employee-at-Will: This position is at-will and may be terminated at any time for any lawful reason.