Worship Services for Maple Lake Assisted Living

As members who are not able to attend church on Sundays, Pat Conner has been sharing each week’s service(s) with a DVD copy.  These women are having such a joyful time as if they, too, are in church with the rest of the congregation by watching the DVD. 


Come and help make these wonderful women feel that they, too, are still a part of this church!  Pat is there on Sundays at 1:15 p.m.  She would like assistance to go to Maple Lake Assisted Living on Sunday’s with the DVD copy of that day’s service. 


The Presbyterian Church's members Maxine Brown, Marilyn Bale, Corrine Price,  and Frances  Welch say they get such joy out of being still a part of this church through this program.  Call the church office (657-3111) if you can help with one or more Sundays!