All in the April evening, April airs were abroad. 
The sheep with their little lambs passed me by on the road. 
All in the April evening, I thought on the lamb of God. 

This April is a month of transition through the Passion of processing with palms, recalling those final, tender moments between Jesus and his disciples, the almost unbearable anguish of “Good Friday” (why do we call it “Good” Friday anyway?) and then the full 360 degree turn towards resurrection on Easter Sunday.  As this familiar hymn reminds us, embedded in each sign of spring and the everyday sights we might pass by is the invitation to reflect on Christ.

What are the sights that pass before our eyes this April that invite our reflection?  Is it the glassy surface of Maple Lake, now filled again and teaming with ducks, geese and swans?  Or the vineyards and fields anxiously waiting to be tilled and planted so they can offer food and bear fruit?  The bright blue barrels dotting Paw Paw road, tethered to ancient Maples by matching blue umbilical cords, slowly drawing out the sweet sap from far beneath the rough and rugged bark?  The vivid greens and purples of the crocus that boldly sprout up through half-frozen dirt, willingly offering their beauty to all who might glimpse them before the next frost.

The world around us is filled with sights that invite our reflection on what we have been given, and what has been given for us.  May we all take the time to look upon our surroundings, wherever we may be, and find rest and renewal is Christ’s love. 
God’s peace,


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