Your Sunday Experiences

Child Care





Nursery Care continues to be provided beginning at 8:45 a.m. for infants through age 3.  Your little ones will have a blessed morning playing with Miss Meg and other adult helpers!

Meg Waddell and other trained staff and volunteers provide child care Sunday mornings.  Meg has experience in providing loving care for infants as well as in supervising and planning activities, lessons and curriculum for toddlers and grade school kids.

Meg is a Certified Teacher, working with kids of all ages.  She is well versed in CPR and First Aid and has aided and taught in PreK - 5th grade classrooms in her full time duties at St.Mary's School.  She shares her child care responsibilities with WMU Teaching student, Emily D., Pat Conner and other church members in accordance with the "two adult rule" of our Child Safety Policy.  
Pat Conner

Children are always welcome in worship, but our nursery provides a safe, caring place for kids so that parents can relax and enjoy worship too!