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Let the Children Come…
Ever wondered what the kids do on Sunday mornings?   Actually, there’s a whole lot of exploring going on!

The children start in worship with parents and after children's story, if they chose to go downstairs, we  explore the story and have a craft pertaining to it.

Click here to download the Child Youth Church Activity Registration Form - Please fill it out and bring it with you. There will also be forms on hand if you need on Sunday. (If you don't have access to a printer.)


During the regular school year,  (grades pre-school - 5th) our Children’s Gathering begins at 9:15 when refreshments are served, and parents gather together for informal conversation.  Music Leader Brandon Mattson leads the children in songs that are fun and help them become familiar with the stories of our faith.  Children may remain in church school or attend worship with their families.  Our Church School curriculum includes games, art projects, Bible stories and snacks.  We’ll laugh and learn from silly cartoon friends Otto, Clara, Jax and Victor. We’ll talk and play and reinforce each week that EVERY child is loved and valued by God and by our church family. At least once a month, teachers will take children to the sanctuary to share communion and experience worship.


YOUTH MINISTRY: High School and Middle School Youth gather at 9:30 in the first floor Youth room.  Throughout the year, our youth engage in service-based activities such as Magnify the Light (providing donations of food and gifts to families in need at Christmas), our Prisoner Re-entry project (backpacks of basic supplies donated to those re-entering society), and together find ways to help others in our community and beyond as we make service and faith part of our natural routine. 

Youth meet in the youth room for socializing and snacks starting at 9:30 (hint:  the early bird gets first pick of the donuts!)   




Palm Sunday Singing - So much fun!


Click here to view the video of Palm Sunday and singing!

It’s always a blessing to share this time with our children! Our little ones have been singing, prancing, dancing, tip-toeing, marching, and giggling and otherwise celebrating with their bodies and voices each Sunday.

On PALM SUNDAY, the children led us into worship by “entering Jerusalem” with joy and singing.   





Do you remember the old children’s song that goes “Tell me the stories of Jesus; I’d love to hear. Things I would ask Him to tell me if He were here”?

These are the stories that our children are experiencing on Sunday mornings, stories that Jesus surely heard read from the Torah when he was a boy, stories that molded his spiritual life. For the past few weeks, we’ve learned about Joseph and his colorful robe, his jealous brothers, and his trust in God through dark times. [Genesis 37-45] It’s a story rich with lessons!

Randy Silbur 
Randy Silbur 

Our discussions have included questions like Why do people sometimes do mean things? What can cause us to feel that God is far away? What can we do with our anger? How would it feel to be in jail? How does it feel to forgive… and be forgiven?

Talking about deep questions like these with 4-10 year-old children is always full of clear, uncensored insights and precious kernels of truth. It’s a joy to share time with them! 


Randy Silber




Past Click here for a video of the Bethlehem Marketplace! 

It opened immediately following the worship service (10:00) on December 21st!  The children led us from the worship service to the Marketplace, where we all experienced wonderful sights, sounds and smells.


See the video by clicking here. 


All designed to give everyone the feeling of a Bethlehem Marketplace prior to the birth of Jesus.  



A little Bethlehem background: When Quirinius was governor of Syria, Caesar Augustus ordered a census to be taken throughout the Empire.  Everyone had to travel to his own ancestral hometown to be   accounted for.  So Joseph went from Nazareth up to Bethlehem in Judah, David’s town, for the census.  He went with Mary, his fiancée, who was pregnant.

Journey to Bethlehem with Joseph and Mary.  Travel back in time to those dusty streets during the days just before Jesus’ birth.  Experience the sights, tastes and smells of everyday life that surrounded Jesus’ family in Bethlehem.  Sense the excitement and anticipation felt by the  shepherds and everyone who heard their strange and disturbing story of light and music— yes, angels – in the sky.  What did it mean?  And there was that bright, bright star!

Journey to Bethlehem for a Christmas experience this year.  We hope that you’ll come by yourself,  invite a friend or bring the whole family.  Activities will be appropriate for all ages.





Church School Teachers Wanted!


Parents and Friends are encouraged to support our faith formation programs for children and youth.  All adults leaders agree to background checks and our trained on our Child Safety Policy.  Materials and activities are provided and led by our Christian Education Directors,  Just look at the smiles on the faces of our teachers pictured here to see the joy that comes from volunteering in our children's ministries!





Pat Conner
Pat Conner



Sue Miller and friends
Sue Miller and friends


Adele Walters
Adele Walters











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