First Presbyterian Church in Paw Paw - Minister 
Members of the First Presbyterian Church (FPC) of Paw Paw  welcomed Rev. Tiffany McCafferty, their new pastor, with a service of installation and celebration in 2015. 


Before coming to Paw Paw, McCafferty began her career as a lawyer working for nine years in a high-pressure law firm in Columbus, Ohio. While she enjoyed her law practice very much, she found herself seeking a life-affirming career instead of a career that at times seemed inherently depleting.  

“I view my (law) experience as a very informative time where I gathered many skills that cross over to the ministry, such as the practice of analyzing a biblical text and conveying a message,” McCafferty said.

During her years as a lawyer, she became involved with a Presbyterian Church singing in the choir and connecting with the Gospel message she found in music. She became aware of a greater view of the world when she became a mother and found herself growing in faith. At that time she started to focus on getting away from things that were depleting of her energy.

McCafferty wasn’t groomed from childhood to be a minister as some people are. She says that her upbringing was in an “unchurched” family.  She built the roots of her faith in college where she tapped into something that she says was “natural and inherent” from the time of her childhood.
As a student trying to figure out life, she spent time with several faiths, learning about Christianity singing in the choir, and earning a Bachelor’s degree from a Lutheran college.  After college she continued to participate in worship attending Episcopalian and Presbyterian churches and continually developing a relationship with Jesus Christ  through music.
“During Holy week, I experienced a profoundly meaningful connection with the story of Jesus Christ that led my baptism an adult about 10 years ago.” she said. “From there things took off rapidly.  While at a Presbyterian church I experienced a very specific call to minister to others - that same opening up of the Word that I experienced at my baptism."

McCafferty says she’s very blessed with the support of her husband, Patrick. and their three children. “Leaving family in Ohio and changing communities is challenging, but it has brought us all closer together. If the tables were turned and I were the spouse, I wonder if I could have been as faithful as my husband has been. It’s a walk of faith and God to be together on this path.”

McCafferty is enjoying her time in Southwest Michigan.  “I’m astounded by the strength of the families here at FPC in Paw Paw. They’ve been praying and listening to God about where this ministry is headed. There is an abundance of energy here.  This is a community where all can be spiritually fed. Together we’ll see what God makes of us.”