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Support First Presbyterian Church of Paw Paw





Our church receives almost all of its income from donations from our congregation and worship attendees.   If you are someone who normally puts something in the offering plate when you attend worship, or if you are someone new to our worshiping community now joining us on-line, please consider making a donation through the link above. 


Our pledged giving so far this year has remained steady.  THANK YOU to all of you who continue to mail your pledges in to the church office.  We would encourage you to continue to submit your check by mail to avoid the small (2%) transaction fee for on-line giving. However, if paying by credit card is more convenient or helps you to keep your pledge commitment, please use the link above.  


Please note that 100% of the donations received on line go to our general operating budget. To support our Property Improvement Fund, Capital Fund, pay Per Capita or support a Special Offering, please make your donation by check to the church office, and designate the fund or offering in the memo line.  You can also support our local offering recipients directly through their websites:


Eleanor's Pantry


United Christian Services


Wings of God


PC USA Special Offerings


Presbyterian Hunger Relief