Volunteers are needed on Sundays as greeters! Greeters are an important part of the Sunday Experience, helping all of us feel welcome as we come into church. We need volunteers who are willing to contribute to this part of our ministry together. 
  • You need to come about 15 minutes early to say hello to people as they come in.
  • You may also be able to direct newcomers to childcare rooms, Sunday school classrooms and other areas of the church.
  • If you are interested, call the church office at 657-3111 or email our secretary Sue at



You can help with flowers!

To make it easier to provide flowers for a service, a flower chart is available for those wishing to sign up. 



Flowers can be flowers from your garden or an arrangement or plant you have purchased.


The chart, posted on the bulletin board in the narthex, shows the dates that are available and you can either sign up for a date yourself or call the office (657-3111) and leave information that you would like added to a Sunday bulletin (perhaps to mention the celebration of a particular event) and your name will be placed on the chart.


Thank you in advance for your help. Flowers are always a wonderful addition to our worship service!



Coffee Hour Hosts Needed: There is a sign-up sheet  in Fellowship Hall where you can choose  a date to be a host  following  the worship service. 

Sound System Operation during services: Please see Andy Thorburn  or Tom Shoemaker if you have any  questions, suggestions, or would like to volunteer to help.


Decatur Homeless Shelter: Donations needed of children's books and household items. Click here for more information.

ShareNet: An organization that reaches out to serve the needs of our members. Click here for more information.


Men's Breakfast: An opportunity to meet others and help maintain the church.


Sunday School: We always need teachers and people with ideas on how to enhance programs!


Bagels and Brew: We could use some help setting up the coffee and bagels and putting things away afterward.


Presbyterian Women's Group: Meetings include Bible Study and planning for fundraising activities- Click here for more information.



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